why pay more for the exact same service?

That was our thinking here at Budget Detailing. We realized that a vast majority of the detailing shops here in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa detail the exact same way with the same results and the same skills and same chemicals. That got us thinking why are people paying so much and so many different prices? We did not know either... we are trying to change that.


What should you expect from a Budget Detailing, a dirty car that is now clean with solid effort put in each and every car. We are the shop you want if you car is dirty and you need a good cleaning. We however are not the shop you want if your expecting a brand new car magically or are very demanding and or expect miracles. We realize for a vast majority of customers that need a detail most just want a very good cleaning and freshen up. For that we say why not save some money. 

(We do our very best to keep our prices the lowest possible.)


Budget detailing solves the price problem we do a simple system of pricing, no matter the size or dirtiness we charge the same flat rate to start with meaning everyone is treated the same. Yes, its true that if you car takes over 2 hours we may charge a bit more, but its a very fair system, to account for all the verity that we see. For instance it would not be flat rate of charge for a well kept large vehicle more simply due to size, yet change more for a dirty small car less. It's that simple. The bast part is these extra charges are very rare, (we have heard horror stories of people being extorted and are out right lied to for more money.) We have a system in place to cure 90%+ of all cars without any extra charge, so out of 100 vehicles we may see 10 with a bit higher charge but you'll know your not being taken to the cleaners.


We also realize that you may find cheaper prices on craigslist or face book market places. (But do you really want to spend money with someone with hardly any equipment, or who only details a couple weeks a year and vanishes with out a trace. Or someone who is uninsured, yes you may save a bit, but for the marginal amount you save its not worth all the pain and suffering we hear about. Especially when you consider we are usually the same price. We do look foreword to seeing you soon. Thank you for your business.




Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

some of the lowest prices in Idaho...feel free to compare and save 
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